Criminal Minds Bobblehead Set

When you want to commemorate on of the top shows on TV with a bobble head set, who do you contact?

That decision was easy for the producers of the Criminal Minds TV Show, they contacted the custom bobble head doll experts at

“Creating a gift set of bobbles is something we have done for several TV Studios” commented Danny Baer. “Typically we will use a smaller bobble than the standard size. The Criminal Minds series measures approximately 4″ per bobble. By using a smaller sized bobble head doll, we were able to package all 7 dolls into on full-color gift box.”

Full-color retail packaging is something that the Bobble Factory specializes in. Whether we produce a standard size bobble, or mini bobblehead all of our products ship in a window box with clam-shell insert. This allows the bobble to be viewed without taking the product out of the box. The clam-shell keeps the bobble secure. This is very important when you go to distribute your custom bobble heads“.

If you are TV Studio or just someone who wants a custom bobble head doll for an upcoming event, call the Bobble Factory at 1 (888) 504-3200 to discuss your custom bobble head project.