Frank Vincent Talking Bobblehead

For those of you who don’t know the name Frank Vincent, he is the “Wiseguy” actor behind some of the greatest mafia rolls in TV & Movies. Roles such as Billy Batts from Goodfellas, Phil Leotardo from The Sopranos and many others including Raging Bull, and Casino. To see a full list of Frank’s acting credits, click here

Recently The Bobble Factory had the great pleasure of creating a talking bobble for Frank. This limited edition custom bobble head features three phrases from the movie Goodfellas that will forever immortalize Frank in movie history The “Mobblehead” measures 7 3/4″ tall.

Professor Bobble comments  “This is one of the most popular custom bobble head dolls ever created by bobblefactory, we get frequent calls requesting to purchase one of these bobbles. Truthfully we were to scared to try and sell these out the back of our factory warehouse for fear that Frank’s people would learn about us making a few extra dollars. Instead we pay our respects to the boss and tell you the only place you can purchase this custom bobble is at Frank’s website;”.

If you are interested in becoming a “made man” and getting your own bobble head doll made, minimum order quantity starts at 250 pieces. You can view our custom bobble pricing here or you can arrange for a sit-down by calling Professor Bobble at 1 (888) 504-3200.