Klock Werks Bobblehead

#ELIMINATEBOBBLEHEAD – A repeated, jerky movement due to riding without a Flare Windshield.

In 2014, Brian Klock and the Klock Werks team were looking for the perfecting promotional product to complement their marketing mission for their Flare Windshields. The Flare Windshield is a revolutionary and patented motorcycle windshield the will reduce jerky movements without one. Symptoms of a rider who is not using a Flare Windshield include: Buffering, stiff neck, blurred vision, bugs in teeth, trouble hearing from wind hitting ears, and more.

Klock Werks idea was to make a mini version of their leader and CEO, Brian Klock. The idea was simple, produce custom bobbleheads of Brian holding the Flare. Execution was another story. The bobblehead needed to incorporate the windshield which could not be clear. At the Bobble Factory’s direction, Brian was photographed wearing his corporate logo apparel and holding the windshield. From that initial photograph, a sculpt was made and paint was added.

The end result was a smashing success! #BRIANTHEBOBBLEHEAD travels with Team Klock Werks to all of the top motorcycle events, rallies and places. His mission is to educate riders, To learn more about the Flare, click here: http://www.kustombaggers.com/