The Scott Brothers Bobbleheads

The Scott Brothers are the stars of the popular HGTV TV Show; ” The Property Brothers“.  The Scott Brothers have capitalized on their fame and notoriety and have created Scott Brothers Entertainment.  The company is run by Drew, Jonathon and a third brother who is lesser known, J.D Scott.  Besides TV, the brothers have branched out into books, music and have even started  the Scott Shop which features gifts apparel & collectibles.

The Scott Brothers approached the BobbleFactory about creating some really unique bobbles that had not been seen before.  They didn’t want to be just another bobble head, they wanted to put the Scott Brothers Flare on the project.  The end result was three custom bobbleheads; a sitter set, bookends & ornaments.  To learn more about this project and to see the bobbles, watch the video.