Eric Hirsh, Custom Snowglobes Expert

Eric Hirsh

Eric Hirsh, President & Owner of Global Designs & Gifts and was recently featured in The New York Times.  Kate Murphy’s reported on the crowds that were gathering to take photos of the Saks Fifth Avenue Flagship store that featured 150 snowglobes.

“We always have a general idea of which holiday window will be most successful and get the best response,” said Harry Cunningham, the store’s senior vice president for design and visual merchandising. “I personally did not expect the snow globes to be as big a hit.”

The article covers the history of snow globes, which first appeared at the 1878 Paris Exposition Universalle.  Eric talked about Custom Snow Globes and how they are used by Corporate America as a promotional item or premium.

“I think when people are looking at their promotional budget, they want something different that people aren’t going to throw away like a pen, cap or clock,”

You can read the full article here.

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